Introducing Veronica: The #BiblicalBossLady Ankle Boot

Introducing Veronica: The #BiblicalBossLady Ankle Boot


VOsei is proud to throw their shoe in the ring with Veronica. Made of black vegan leather, this pair boasts a classic appearance and unmatched durability that will allow you to strut in them for years to come. Compared to its suede counterpart, Valorie, Veronica is seen as an older sister or step up with its 4.5 inch chunky heel and vegan leather upper. A pointed toe and VOsei’s signature pink outsole add an unexpected feminine touch and a pop of color to any outfit. Additionally, inward-facing zippers provide comfort and easy access. Their soft insoles virtually guarantee the feeling of stepping on clouds once you slide your feet in – thank us later 😉

Veronica 2.0 is one and the same with Veronica but features a pretty pink heeltap. With the pink heeltap as a rare quality, Veronica 2.0 is currently limited edition ( a collector’s item for sure! ) With its unique qualities, no other shoe like this exists on the planet so be sure to secure your pair of Veronica 2.0 while you still can! 

Styling Veronica 

Say goodbye to mornings of fumbling around your closet, searching for the perfect shoe to complete your outfit. The Veronica ankle boot is easy to wear, allowing you to put together an effortless ensemble with ease. Suitable for just about any occasion, this style can be worn with almost everything in your closet, from jeans and leggings to dresses and skirts. You can easily turn any basic, boring and bland outfit to something chic just with our pretty pink soles!

For example, pair them with a black dress and a topcoat for an supper-chic about-my-business look. Doing a day of shopping and want something more casual? Try wearing Veronica with a pair of slightly cropped, wide-leg jeans and a tucked-in sweater to showcase a classic style that elongates your legs. 

Regardless of how you choose to style these ankle boots, they’ll keep you looking stylish, feeling comfortable, and turning heads wherever you go. We guarantee you’re bound to get your use out of them through all seasons, making them a staple in your wardrobe.

Inspiration and Personality Behind the Name

Veronica is a "biblical boss lady" and carries victory. She walks with her head held high because she understands the authority she carries through Christ. She's a pioneer and trend setter, dawning her style in any bold way she pleases.



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